Monday, 7 November 2011

Armed and Dangerous

This month I've, again, upped the ante.
With ovulation predictors, basal temperature readings and early pregnancy detection kits on hand I'm at the ready.

Also, because I guess it couldn't hurt to raise my chances, I've also booked in to see a new acupuncturist, medical intuitive and another fertility specialist referred to me by an old friend of mine who also found it hard to conceive due to PCOS but was successful after 3 months of this treatment.

I really believe it's going to happen for me soon, maybe not this month or even this year but soon. I can finally feel it in my heart of hearts.
It's time to get lucky!


Lyn said...


georgi said...

yes it is! you sounding so positive and happy in this post - it will happen. xoxo

amberlee said...

Luck is coming you way sweet, i can feel it. xx


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