Friday, 25 November 2011

Lean, Keen, Christmas Machine

The only thing stopping me from putting my tree up this weekend and not after the 1st of Dec like any sane person, is my inability to get my hands on a real pine tree.

How long do they last anyway?
Will it be all brown and wilty if I buy one so soon?

Clearly I'm super excited about Christmas.
If this doesn't prove it go ahead and check out my Pintrest board of Christmas inspiration;
It's been growing steadily since September.

Yes, I'm nesting, and it's becoming a problem...


georgi said...

wow the wire spirals are awesome! i think we may be opposite on the christmas front - my red toenails are the only christmassy thing so far! pine trees will last, esp if you get a holder and change the water regularly in the bottom. we used to get our own from a block of land my family owns 2 hours from home- we would always drive home with something way too massive though, they look smaller outside! x

kirst said...

now following your pinterest christmas list of awesomeness. YAY CHRISTMAS!!!! xo


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