Tuesday, 15 November 2011

I Get A Kick Out of You

I hope I don't jinx it by posting this but what the hey…
What I'm Much Loving this Monday is that I made it to 30 followers while I was away!!!

(Is it just me or does the term "followers" make this whole thing sound all cultish?)

Backtrack… How about; Made it to 30 Blog Friends today?
There that sounds better, doesn't it???

Look I know not everyone who joins a blog necessarily reads it on a regular basis but just like an old friend, you know where to find them should you catch yourself thinking of them here or there AND just like an old friend, no hard feelings are ever had by the lapse in visits, you're always glad to see them pop back in your life  :)

So to all my webby friends, those near and those afar;
A great big thank you for joining me on this early journey through my land of words and blog.
I know it doesn't always have a rhyme or any reason but I thank you for sticking by me so far and watching this little project grow.
(into what God only knows)…

Now please for the love of all that's holy please don't ever unfollow me - or I may have to create fake profiles and start following myself… 
now that would be awkward tehehe  ❤ xox


Kate Sins said...

Congratulations! I don't stop by anywhere near as often as I should *sheepish* but would NEVER stop following you!

Um, and yeah, the whole "follower" thing is really weird. It does sound a little cultish!

Happy Monday x

P.S. That picture is gorgeous! Good choice.

georgi said...

yay kat! i love stopping by your wee space here, i really do. xo

Rosie said...

Popping in like an old friend with a virtual walnut bun and coffee. Congrats on 30!! Followers, I mean blog friends, aren't easy to collect. I've been stalled on 49 for far too long. I'm dying to make it to the clean 50!

Thanks for popping in on us too. Xxxx

amberlee said...

Yay! I really don't like the followers thing. Kinda creepy and weird. Blog friends is much better! Xx

Sarah Morgan said...

Congratulations! You're right, friends does sound much nicer than followers. Love that mug picture, by the way!

Sarah Morgan said...

ps.. I make 31!

katsicles said...

huge smiles all round - love and hugs to you all :)


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