Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Cookie Monster

So recently I've been getting all domestic and while in the festive mood I really wanted to try my hand at a spot of baking.
I can't say it's my forte but it certainly was a lot of fun making all this mess :)

I didn't have all the wiz bang tools so had to improvise a little when making my cloud, kite & button shapes.
Still, I think they turned out alright considering...

And the end result… drum roll please…

So what do you think?

Side note: A few months ago we had new neighbours move in next door.
A lovely young couple and their two adorable children.

As the weeks rolled by and I never had the chance to properly introduce myself, I feared what these people must think of their mysterious (rude) neighbour who worked long hours into the night, people coming and going from her house yet never taking the time to pop over and say hello.
It just seemed like every time they were home I was busy working and on the weekends I was free they always went away...

Before too long it just seemed too hard and in these fragile early stages of the relationship it already felt quite strained as we shyly waved our obligatory hellos and goodbyes every now and then.

Wracked with how to welcome them to the neighbourhood after so long I settled on baking them this little treat as a peace offering.
After all, who can refuse the allure of a good old fashioned sugar cookie?

No longer caring if the time was right I took my cookie jar over last night and presented it for better or for worse.
I think it must have worked as today, for the first time since they moved in, Lady of the House managed to stop and have a little chat with me in her front yard while the kids played hide and seek around us.

I miss the friendly days of old where everyone in the street knew each other and everyone got along, mostly. 
I don't expect to become besties but I do think this has opened up a little path of friendliness in an age where communities are more disconnected than harmonious.

Regardless of what happens, I love to give and as yummy as these would have been to keep to myself, it felt so much more fulfilling to see the beaming faces of master 5 and miss 3 as they told me which of the cookies were their favourites.

Faves were the kites & clouds by the way. But only after they were finished playing with their planes.
Success  :)  

Recipe Index:
Kittencal's Buttery Cut-Out Sugar Cookies W/ Icing That Hardens - This dough was my favourite to work with. Just don't over bake the cookies like I did and go wasting a whole batch.
The Best Rolled Sugar Cookies - By comparison this dough produced the fluffiest and sweetest result (perfect for my little clouds) but was a nightmare to work with. Super gooey, so have extra flour handy for dusting and manageability.
Shortbread Buttons - Looks like a great recipe but I used it more for inspiration rather than follow it to the letter.
Cookie Clouds - Couldn't actually download the PDF (and the blog owner never responded to my e-mail so couldn't get my hands on it) but the blog is still great for inspiration.


Becky~ said...

Hi Kat!Well they look delish.I love the button shape so cute.What recipe did you use?Was it just a sugar cookie recipe?They sure look good.

Good for you on the sharing of them to the new neighbors.That is a nice way to meet someone as you said everyone loves a cookie.I love kourabiethes soooooo much my mother makes all of the greek cookies and baklava for Christmas.

Blessings koukla!

georgi said...

the buttons are adorable. ADORABLE. x

katsicles said...

Thanks guys! I'm rather proud of my first attempt.
Stay tuned for my foray into the world of cake baking next.
Castagnaccio is next on the list (Italian Chestnut Cake) Yum Yum!!!


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