Saturday, 12 November 2011

Home is where the Hearth Is

Just read back my original posts on the reno situation and I must say I sound rather ungrateful.
I've since come on board with the whole thing and am now pretty excited to see the finished product.
(It's the initial process that always freaks me out) 

Part of hubby's vision was to reopen the original fire place.
Although it will only be for show and not for actual fires, I'm really looking forward to decorating it - especially for this Christmas!

Can not wait until December to start putting the decorations up and start planning many gastronomical delights around our (till now) unused glass dinner table…. now where do I find some nice chairs to suit that wont break the bank???


<images courtesy of Pinterest>


Lyn said...

I love the pic of the fireplace all filled with candles. How good would that look at Christmas?

katsicles said...

Great inspiration isn't it?
I'm a bit of a candle nut as it is so I didn't need much more encouragement to give this look a go :)


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