Friday, 4 November 2011


When I was a kid one of my favourite games of pretend was to imagine I was a millionaire going on a whirlwind shopping spree through Franklin Mint. (I think it's been established that I was a very strange child. No? Well keep reading.)

I remember eagerly awaiting the plastic wrapped bundle of catalogues and booklets we'd get each week, tearing through and rejecting each one until the glorious month I would spy its heavenly form.

I'd sit myself down in the lounge with my paper and pen, then set myself an exorbitant budget and start scouring through the many glossy pages packed full of artworks and gilded treasures, jotting down my shopping list all the while imagining how wonderful each item would look in my dream house.
Once every few months I would give myself the task of redecorating that too - I was revoltingly wealthy in my mind of coarse ;)

You know I really can not ever understand how kids in this day and age while surrounded by their ipods, ipads, gameboys, playstation's, x-box 360's, dolls, action figures, internet connection, cable TV and DVD's can still look a person straight in the face and whinge away "I'm Boooooooored!!!"
That's not really fair, even I remember being bored.
The difference though is while I may have been deprived of "stuff" I was never lacking imagination and ingenuity.
Anyway my point today was not to come on here and sound like a 90yr old battle axe, bah-humbug-ing on the youth of today…. actually what was my point?
Oh yea, Polyvore!

So yes, when I finally understood the backstory to this game and how similar to my adventures of old it was it brought back all sorts of fond memories of some of the crazy little made up games I'd play...
Making dolls out of pencils wrapped in tissue, doll houses out of tissue and shoe boxes, toboggans out of cardboard.
I even lived under the dining table and inside a spray painted cardboard box at one stage - I was deprived I tell you, deprived!

Thankfully today I've moved on from my weird Franklin Mint fantasy but can relive a bit of my wacky childhood each Thur with Danimezza's Polly Dolly challenge instead.

The Heiress lives on, and it seems her name is Ms Polyvore

Introducing… Ms Polly

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