Monday, 14 November 2011

Much to Love, Monday

This Monday is full of so much love

❥Much Love for my parents who celebrated their 50 year wedding anniversary this weekend!
50 yrs on and still very much in love :) 
Mum's beautiful ruby heart from Dad 

❥Enjoying the sunshine after the rain.
Last night displayed a lightning show like no other I've ever seen.
Poor little Osky cowered in my arms throughout
(but I love his puppy cuddles so that was fine by me).
❥The smell of fresh mowed grass.
❥The 40min drive up to Ringwood
- you'd think it was miles into the country from the change in scenery.
Went a little off the beaten track today and captured these pretty sights:

Taking a different route.

Just missed the cutest little bunny hopping away from this scene.
It was too quick for my fumbling camera skills and disappeared into its burrow lickity split. Wish I'd captured it for you - it was soooo cute!

But mostly I love the open road, with a camera by my side :)

What are you loving muchly today?


L said...

ohh lovely! happy anniversary to ur parents!! amazing 50 years!
and i love ur clouds background!! :)

Maxabella said...

Your parents are Gorgeous together. Much love to them on their anniversary! x

Lyn said...

A belated Happy Anniversary to your parents. Here in Queensland it really is amazing how quickly you seem to be 'out in the sticks'. But we love going for country drives and, as you say, heading off the beaten track for something a bit different.

Ruzu said...

awww sweet


amberlee said...

They are adorable. Love you snaps, especially the horses!

Ruzu said...

Hello again. Thanks for you comment :) i made a mistake XD I erase the comment by accident sorry. Have a lovely tuesday

georgi said...

i love these pictures. you can see the love in the ones of your parents. and thank you so much for your absolutely beautiful comment on my blog. thank you so much. xx


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