Monday, 28 November 2011

Much Love Monday: Double the Love

On this Monday I'm sharing my love for double exposures with your fine self as well as Anna & Friends down at Much Love.
I've been a little obsessed with them of late, (as well as Christmas and baking and babies. It's occurred to me that I have many obsessive tendencies and may even be a little OCD...)

Surely when you see these amazing images you'll understand why I'm so keen to have a go at creating some of my own:

Aren't they beautiful?
You can see some more of my favourites here.

And incase you should you need any further convincing check out these lovlies on We It...
Simply stunning.


Catherine Denton said...

Yes, I can totally see why. Gorgeous!
My Blog

e'clair said...

What a creative heart photo! You have such a lovely blog.
Wishing you a wonderful week <3

Rhianne said...

I love doubles too and they are so fun to take! my favourite at the moment is this one - I need to figure out how to recreate it :)

jen said...

Those are gorgeous photos!
BTW your blog has such a lovely background. :)

Sarah Morgan said...

Wow, those pictures are simply amazing! So dramatic & dreamly. Love!


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