Monday, 7 November 2011

The Results Are In!

And just in time for
Much Love Monday.
I finally got my first rolls developed from the trusty Vivitar and boy did I do better than expected!
(considering my actual expectation was that they would all come back either black or mega crap, I think I did quite well for a noob...)

Please excuse my thighs.
The emphasis is supposed to be on the beautiful sun beam... 

Just had to stick my stupid foot in it and spoil this shot now didn't I...

I especially love the effect the direct sun gives and the subtle blurring of the edges. I think me and my angel superheadz are going to have many fun days together :)
(provided I get my replacement. The original one had a dicky door).

p.s I'm still trying to name her.
1. Angelica
2. Vivian
3. Sofia
Cast your votes - what would you name her?


Lyn said...

Sofia sounds good. Lovely shots

georgi said...

i love the name sofia - i think she looks like a sofia too :-) :-)

Catherine Denton said...

I swear I decided on Sofia before reading the other comments. *raises right hand*

These pictures have a sense of magical-ness in their beauty.
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amberlee said...

Awwwww these are lovely! This little camera is a beauty. Very nice, the one with all the rocks is my favorite, the tones are amazing.

Hmmm i like Viv.


katsicles said...

Aaw thanks Ambs. Didn't do too badly did I?
I have a soft spot for that shot too :)

Vivian was my initial choice but Sofia is starting to grow on me - ooh so hard...


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