Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Access Denied

For some unknown reason this week my internet connection is being a big fat bastardly pain in my .com!

My side of the web is seriously tangled - I can't seem to save anything, share anything, load anything or even access my own information. WAAAAH!!!
Not a happy blogger :(

Maybe this is a message from the all mighties to step away from the computer and have a little break?
Believe me I'm trying really hard to fight it but every time I struggle with it I get more and more frustrated.
I think instead I'm going to have to give in and let go (is anyone else sensing a common theme running through my life at the moment?)
p.s. Apologies if I've accidentally sent multiple messages to you or comments that don't make any sense. The technical difficulties have been endless…

So while this post is just a little check in to say see ya later alligator, just know you may not see me for a while crocodile.
Crossing my fingers and my toes that it sorts itself out soon but until then I'll be taking the time to engage in some "real world" activities.

Now can anyone tell me what exactly do people without the internet do in their spare time?
; )


amberlee said...

Hehe.How I dream of being in the real world again, sadly i think I have forgotten... I do miss reading my choice of books! More candels perhaps? Sewing? I vote for something crafty, or baking is always good. Yummy! Hope your online and running smoothly soon sweet xx

Becky~ said...

I would say SCREEM ha!I would go crazy without my computer.

georgi said...

oh no ! sometimes they can be a pain but also - take the time to enjoy life away from the screen because that too is pretty liberating. see you soon x
ps. holey moley 'the beetroot incident' made me giggle.. i think because i could see myself doing exactly the same as you !


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