Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Just a mini minute in…. September: The Sky's the Limit!

This last one is just a glimpse of the world
through the eyes of my Orotons… more to come...

I know we're only half way through but I missed out in August
so here I go...
Over the next few months I have lots to anticipate.

❥We finally booked our belated pre-honeymoon (consolation prize) for 3 weeks time - Cairns, Palm Cove &Trinity Beach here we come!

❥I have my first BIG night out in eeeeeons coming up in just 2 weeks time for Miss Jessica's Blinged out B'Day… I advise all to stay out of the Melbourne metropolitan area for fear of being blinded by the guests resembling disco balls, (I'm assuming that's what being "blinged out" means, doesn't it?)...
- stay tuned for tales of drunken debacles and the hilarity that ensues.

❥Throwing my first Halloween party - I reeeally, really, reeally want to have one this year. Really.

❥My favourite time of the year Christmas is just 95 days away - can you believe it?!

❥Staying positive that this longed for baby will be on it's way in the new year xx


Lyn said...

Nobody commented on this post? Oh well, we can't have that, can we? Anticipation is what keeps us going, doesn't it. We need to be looking forward to something to give flavour to the present. That doesn't mean we can't just enjoy the now. It just means we have direction for the future which gives us focus and that keeps us positive

katsicles said...

Aw thank you Lyn,
You always have such good insight xx
That is exactly right, well it's what I was thinking anyway :)


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