Monday, 5 September 2011

♥'s on Monday

Here we are on this sunny Monday which I dare say is something to Much Love in itself  :)

But a few other things I'm loving today are little reminders that sometimes love or at least ♥'s can be found in the most unlikely of places...
Foil Heart
like on my salon floor for instance...
- Lastly I'm loving all 14 of my song downloads today- too many to list here; I know, I went a bit bananas... but don't worry I'm saving a choice few for next Sunday's Session
(Florence made up for this weekends absence I hope)

Sending out some ♥ to dance it's way into your Monday
many hugs,


amberlee said...

So cute! What a wonderful find x

Adella May said...

Wow, an interesting place to find a heart. Great post. You're lucky you had a sunny Monday. Ours was overcast and humid.


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