Saturday, 10 September 2011

Retro Revival

Does anyone else remember This song?

I've been reminded of all things retro today - first Tencel jeans, then cheesecloth skirts, now 90's music flashbacks, what's going on?
The fact that all of this is considered "retro" is most disturbing by the way... when did I get to that point?

I look back on the 90's with some fondness but mostly with a bit of embarrassment actually.
It was a time of fool hearted naivety, when I was consumed by the grunge culture.
The fashion, the music and, unfortunately for my parents, the attitude that went along with it.

Tool, Nirvana, Pearl Jam and numerous other bands of the like were plastered to my bedroom walls - As well as blasting from my stereo, much to my parents disgust.
Longing every year to be allowed to go to The Big Day Out or The PushOver Festival like every other normal teenager seemed to be, because of coarse in my eyes I was the only girl in the world ever being restricted from going to see a band while underage.
If I could have rustled up the cash I probably would've snuck out and gone without their permission but in the name of karma thank goodness I didn't!

I wonder if, by the time my own kids are going through their teenage years, I'll be just as adamant they're listening to absolute rubbish  :)

Do you have anything you remember fondly about the 90's?
If so, what was your favourite thing about that era?

Meanwhile, back in the present, I'm heading off for some Indian Take Away, white wine, girly gossip and trashy tv - can't imagine anything more wonderful right now (insert BIIIG smile here)

Happy retro weekend to you


Odie Langley said...

Happy Saturday Kat, about the only significant thing I remember about the 90's is the year in 91 that my middle girl spent in Germany as an exchange student during her senior year of high school. It was both rough for her and wonderful not at the same time. She learned a great deal and I am glad for it. Towards the end of the 90's I was downsized out of a job I had had for 20 years and that was tough. I made it through and can look back at it and be glad it is only a memory.

amberlee said...

Mmmm butter chicken! Great girly time xx

amberlee said...

P.s I loved hyper color clothing, scrunchies and doc martins with my long dye dyed dresses!! I was pretty awesome lol.

katsicles said...

yep when I went to Greece dressed much like that I was asked a few times if I was aspiring to look like a struggling gypsy which to them is the worst thing you could be.

Lucky I live in Australia cos I love my boho :)


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