Friday, 9 September 2011

Raindrops Keep Fallin' on My Head

So just when we all got excited about the Spring weather I've had to bustle up like I'm off to the snow again.
Not that I'm complaining, this morning I woke to the most beautiful pitter patter of raindrops tapping along my window accompanied by the rat-a-tat-tat percussion of drips from my down pipe.
I wish I had recorded it, I swear it was like music.

Now normally that rusted down pipe annoys the bejebus out of me but today it was nice to be reminded of my joy for the simple things in life, and that I could either piss and moan about my circumstances or I could try real hard and listen out for the song.

I chose to listen to the song...

And would you look at that, the clouds have parted and the suns come out for a while. Hello blue sky, my old friend.
Hope you can stay a while  :)



Lyn said...

The clouds have just parted and let the sunshine in for me too. It's rather astonishing, isn't it, when you finally stop looking at the negatives and see all the good stuff still out there.

katsicles said...

Absolutely, there's a silver lining around every cloud and you can't give up hope, that alternative's pretty grim and that's just not for me.
Glad to hear the sun shining down on you too Lyn, have a lovely weekend :)

Becky~ said...

Kalimera Kat!Its beautiful everywhere, if you keep the right mindset.Its dark and cloudy here for the 5 day.I just returned from the beach on Tuesday and I thought I want to go back.But we have to accept the not so good with the bad right??Anyway like the comment above theres always a silver lining.

Have a great weekend!

Odie Langley said...

I love the sound of rain and also thunder. I have sat on my porch a hundred times during thunder storms and felt so relaxed. But I also love the beautiful days like we are having in NC today.


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