Monday, 29 August 2011

Day 28/29: Now & Then

So that was me a year plus 10 kg's ago.

And that's me (& Copacabana boy)
at my hen's party this year.
The most obvious changes to me in the last year have been going from single lady to having a ring on it as well as dropping down from a size 14-16 to a 10 (even an 8 in some glorious stores).
Aside from that I'm still the same old me.

What I've leant about myself this past month is that I like sharing with the world openly and honestly but that, strangely, I seem mostly reluctant to do so and have to push past my fears and self doubt first.
(Although it's a lot easier to do it behind the shielded bravado of a computer screen & to perfect strangers.)
I think I fear the shame of judgement more than anything else and can often be afraid to be myself or really open up in real life which is why it's been so nice to put my true thoughts down in this blog.
Writing for this space has shown me I have an immense love of artistic expression and that a passion like that never dies, thankfully no matter how long I end up neglecting it.
Lastly I've come to realise my little corner of the web is a great source of comfort and joy for me, I only hope you've been enjoying this half as much as I have been  :)



amberlee said...

Beautiful now and then, inside and out xx

Lyn said...

Looking great.

Odie Langley said...

The "old you" is looking "hot" my friend. Wonderful pictures.

georgi said...

a wise woman once told me 'don't you be worrying about what others are thinking of you .. that's not your business' - it took me a long time to let go of that. true friends don't judge. you're beautiful in all the pictures! x

katsicles said...

Oh thank you Georgie, I needed to hear that - those words are so true...
I really must remember that more often.


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