Friday, 9 September 2011

Quietly Thankful

With Love & Gratitude

Just want to say a little thank you to my bloggy friends for continuing to cheer me on and a little bit more to some new additions that I have been stalking reading up on for a while now.

Melissa & Rosie in particular, your posts of mis-conception experiences have been getting me through these past few months of darkness.
It's comforting to see my crazy head is not so crazy after all, just another kind of normal that I wish we didn't know.

Many thanks for your bravery in sharing your journeys, I only hope I can cary myself with half as much poise while I embark on this long road of my own.

With love,
Kat x

p.s. Almost didn't post this (and am still having 2nd & 3rd thoughts about pulling it down) as I fear my blog may be getting a case of the sads on.
I hope I'm not turning too many of you off me,
I promise it's just a phase and I'll be back to my merry little self in no time. 
Mostly I am, I just need to have a drama queeny rant every now and then if you would be so kind as to forgive me...
I am currently hormonal after all.
Think I should stay away until Aunt Flo packs her bags & goes back from whence she came  ;)


georgi said...

i think it's important to be honest. xx

Odie Langley said...

What I like about the blog world Kat is that it's our blog and we can put on it whatever we want. Let it rip girl and I will still be here.

Rosie said...

HI Kat, thanks so much for your very sweet and thoughtful words. It is very normal and I love that we can share our journeys so others don't feel so alone with theirs. I also think the best thing is to be honest and share the ups and downs. That's what its all about.

I am appealing to the universe for you! such a hard cross to bear.

But so easily forgotten when you're little one finally comes.


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