Monday, 19 September 2011

Much Love-ing: The Social Season

Drinks + Friends + Great Weekend = Winning!

I'm absolutely, positively brimming with happiness at this beautiful weather recently.
Today is a balmy 29 degrees! So in my element right now.

Also the time frame has been picked and this Wednesday we'll be booking our flights and accommodation so in less than 3 weeks we'll be jetting off to Queensland. Holidays here we come!

Wednesday's chock full of awesomeness because as well as finally booking our tropical getaway, well as tropical as we can get without a passport - Don't even think that I've given up on Hawaii… I'm also getting my long hair back.
Although I've loved the lightness and freedom of my extension-less-ness I'm less than impressed by the baby fine fluff masquerading as hair right now. Forgot how pathetic mine was compared to the rest of the population. Advance hair? Yea yea!

Last but not least I'm feeling so much happier and settled after a good old gassbag with friends and some recreational steam letting.
I'm a lucky girl indeed.
- Happy Days xx

Linking my gloating up with Anna on this Much Love Monday ♥ 

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