Thursday, 29 September 2011

All Systems Down

Someone give me strength!

Not much to report.

Finally got my internet up and working again. Sort of.

But then, during yesterdays storm, my phone felt like jumping out of my pocket and dancing in the rain…. instead it broke its proverbial leg and drowned.

Yes this is my life - believe it.

Well at least now I can vouch that phones really aren't waterproof and the internet is rigged.
(i swear i did what tech support suggested at least 10 times before it finally worked with them on the line. Shifty, very shifty.
My phone on the other hand cannot be resurrected, no matter how long I spend blasting it with the hair dryer.)

RIP Crapberry Perv :(

But seriously if this is a precursor into what's left of my week maybe it's best I don't leave my bed for the next few days.
This weekend should certainly be interesting…
I'm afraid… I'm very afraid.


georgi said...

oh noo.... have you tried leaving it in a bowl of dry rice overnight? apparently the rice soaks up the water - i've resurrected a water damaged phone like that ... good luck! x
and ps. so glad you're on board for photober - and it's totally relaxed so just when you can is no problem ! x

katsicles said...

Oh I hadn't heard that one - very interesting. I wonder how that works… Mine was saturated through to the screen and even leaking out the sides :(

I've managed to get it sent off and have a replacement so no drama (although this one has water damage too apparently and sometimes freezes, just my luck).

Looking forward to taking part in Photober xx


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