Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Sunday Night Finds & Photo Shop Goodbyes

While waiting for my scapegoat (niece) to arrive, who had already seen HP but whom I dragged along so as not to amplify my desperado status by watching it alone, I wandered into a store so I could pretend to look for clothes. (So I wouldn't look like an eager beaver, desperately stalking people to watch a movie with me.)

While "pretending" I decided to try on a few things, purely to look believable of coarse, and because the sales girl was giving me the stink eye (probably because I was "browsing" aimlessly for about 30 mins.)
Now after pretending to try them on I may have actually worn them (to humour the sales girl of coarse) aaand I may have accidentally fallen in love with them and bought them... "accidentally"....
along with 3 pairs of earrings. Ooops.

My accidental shopping spree.
Sales Girl = 1
Me = minus $70

In an unrelated post, Do you like my new obsession with collages as featured above? (expect a few more to come.)
Which brings me to this next uncomfortable conversation:

Dear FotoFlexer,
Let me start by saying "It isn't me, it's you."
I don't know how to tell you this but I think our love is over.
Our time together was good while it lasted but I just need more from an editing system.
Because I hate to keep things inside, it's only fair you should know, I think I've fallen for someone else.
With their cute little sayings at the start of the program, speedy uploads and downloads, amazing layout and huge variety of options Picnik (namely it's collage app) has stolen my heart.
It's time to move on and start broadening our horizons.
Maybe we can see each other again through shared visitation... maybe not...
Only time will tell.
Till then good luck and farewell. I'm going on a Picnik!
No longer yours,
Kat x


Lyn said...

Don't you hate those accidental purchases? LOL.
Love the collages

Becky~ said...

LoL, you are to funny.I love collages.Some people can make gorgous ones.
I think I will try out those sites you mentioned.Id like to try something new as well.I have to get batteries for my camera I guess first LOL.

Happy Wednesday!

katsicles said...

Haha Lyn, yes I need to put my blinkers on when I walk past stores.
- LOL Becky, batteries would be a good start hun ;)

est.1839 said...

hahahaha, I love picnik!! Best thing ever lol!

Moe @ est. 1839 blog


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