Monday, 18 July 2011

Much Love Monday

So today is a new day and the start of a new week.
I've made a positivity pledge for this week. Happy thoughts only :)

Moosi Love
(Moosi I & II shown here)

Some things I'm Much Loving today are:

  • School holiday fun time with my nephews - They show me so much love every day I'm with them. I feel very special whenever they're around
  • Long leisurely lunches with my hubby
  • Waking up with Oski curled up against my tummy. Spoony puppy cuddles are the best.
  • Buying shinny new playthings for my salon & clients - I'm about to set up my new wizbang massage table right after this post
  • Playing around with this fotoflexer website. Haven't got it quite down pat yet but it's been great fun mucking around with it. Prepare to see multiple pics of the same subjects - sorry hehe 
Linking up with Anna of Much Love Monday - oooh so scary...
Hope the blog gods are kind to me today xx


Zinnia Pea said...

They are great things to love!

Hope you had fun setting up your massage table.

ZP xo

katsicles said...

Thank you. Oh & yes it was fun - I love that it was so easy to assemble.
Also that it triggered a cleaning blitz and inspired a nail polish display project. The home biz looks all shiny and new now :)

jody said...

A great list! thanks for visiting me! Your home biz sounds lovely. Have a good week. x

georgi hampton said...

oh how lovely! i like your 'positive thoughts only' pledge. a nice reminder. a new massage table .. oh now i'm dreaming of massages .. stopped by from much love, thank you for your sweet comment. hope you don't mind a new follower! x

katsicles said...

I'm a complete virtual attention hog :)
Love it when people chose to stop by - Thank you for the add Georgie & you're very welcome x

steph said...

there's nothing more that i love than to wake up next to my boy and licks from my 2 furkids! in fact, i look forward to coming home to my dogs every night after a tiring day at work and in school! they are indeed, man's best friends :)

Lola said...

Your blog name is so creative. I've never heard of fotoflexer, but I will check it out. I'm following from Much Love Monday. ♥ Lola at


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