Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Dry July - Week 1

So week one has gone by without too much of a hitch and I'm now onto week two still alcohol free. Go me!

Although I didn't think I'd be missing alcohol as much as I have been, especially during the week. It's strange since I hardly ever drink on a weekday - it must be the temptation of knowing i can't have it surely.

Aside from that my big sister and her beautiful boys have come back to visit for a few weeks from their home abroad in Malaysia.
It felt so good to hold them in my arms today. Play time and cuddles are bitter sweet when in the back of your mind you know they'll be gone again so soon. I feel like spending every waking moment with them and cuddling them in my sleep as well.
Lets see how i feel after a month of their screaming, jumping, running & mess making hey?  :)

As you can see us adults started having more fun with the play dough than the kids were by the end. Haha - I love a bit of sister silly time xx

1 comment:

amberlee said...

I totally forgot they arrived today!! Silly me talking, talking, talking!! Sweet photos, dont you just love nephews?!! And yep it sucks when we cant choose when to see them.

Enjoy every moment lovely xxx

P.s So proud of your non drinking efforts! I will donate tomoz sunshine. It's such a great cause very close to my heart xxx


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