Sunday, 3 July 2011

Sunday Lovin'

So here I am as promised and ready to fill you in on the latest.

What did I do on my refreshed and revitalised Sunday you ask?

  • Have a lovely breakfast/brunch perhaps?
  • Maybe take a stroll down one of our many Sunday Farmers Markets?
  • Hmmm... I could've spent the day on a much beloved road trip to a surprise destination. Pick a highway and keep driving down it till you spot something interesting along the way. Just my kind of adventure!

Um.. no.

How about salami hanging and kitchen appliance shopping?
Yea, it was as thrilling as it sounds and I'm about as impressed as you are. Though I am now the lucky owner of a brand new food processor, salad spinner and pestle & mortar. Somebody hand me an apron!
Do you think he's trying to send me a message...

Let me just describe my hubby first.
He's about as Aussie as they come.
(for any foreigners out there that's a slang term for someone who's the very embodiment of Australia ie: true blue, ocka or in other words a guy who loves all kinds of sports, thinks beer is the equivalent of a health drink and is a plain old funny prick.)

Slowly over the years he's been morphing from a bourbon drinking, parma eating yobo into a beer drinking, parma eating euro.
Suddenly the man who thought salt and pepper was "spicy" is now growing his own herb garden complete with tomatoes and chilli's, pickling his home grown peppers and making his own traditional style salami.
Coming attractions include home made wine, garden grown tomato sauce and soon to come: cellar style Grapa (or rocket fuel, whatever you want to call it - both are much of a muchness really)
I think my father has finally found his long lost protege. It may be time to call a time out on their play dates before he makes a total transformation into my fathers perfect image complete with track suit pants and high gloss dress shoes.

On another note I've decided writing for this blog will be my creative outlet.
Well as far as creative writing goes this will probably be it for me. Blogging is a kind of writing isn't it?
Well if you're waiting for short stories and meaningful poetry I don't think it will be coming my peeps.
I know I said this would be a way for me to give a voice to that little girl within but after reading some of my poetry and literature from my teens I think it may be best if she stayed gagged.
I know all teenagers are prone to being moody and angsty but sweet lordy was I on a whole other level!
Here's a prime example:
When I Cry (feeling warm & fuzzy already aren't you)
Each of my tears
a single rain drop.
Each rain drop
persists into a storm.
Each storm
Produces a dam.
Each dam 
Fills to the brim.
Every end result
is a flood,
And in that flood 
I get swept away.
etcetera, etcetera and more of the above...

Funny how I don't remember being such an unhappy teenager.
I find it amazing how hormones can play such an integral part into the making of mountains from molehills.
Poor poor little adolescents.
It didn't help of coarse that the majority of my poetry was written at roughly the same time I discovered my first love who was consequently also my first heart break. All at a time of heightened emotional fragility.
God, you couldn't pay me enough to relive those years.
Even if I could go back with the knowledge I have now. Thank goodness for the lack of time machines and the wisdom maturity brings.

If I come across my old floppy disk (remember those? Surely now I'm showing my age) maybe I'll share a few short stories after proofing them first of coarse.
Hopefully my memory of those isn't as rose coloured as my recollection of my poetry was.
We shall soon see.

Lovin u & leavin ya -
for now


amberlee said...

This is amazing sweet, i think you should start with some poetry again!

katsicles said...

Oh no, that was one of the nicer ones. I was too embarrassed to post any of the others.
Are most writers a bit dark and brooding or do I just have a special talent for it? loll
I might start dabbling in it again and see what i come up with... hmmm surely these days I have a lot more to smile about so my material should be a little sunnier I think.
But then I do have that talent for being sulky... hehehe. We'll have to wait and see.


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