Monday, 4 July 2011

Monday Love

Would you look at that? I'm chirpy on a Monday!
Dry July day 4 and I'm feelin' fine.
(Minus the grumpy mood I had this morning thanks to the hammering that was my not so subtle wake up call from next doors renos. Hope they finish soon.)

Here are some items and images that have inspired many fuzzy feelings today.

I can feel a serious addiction to Vivien Holloway coming on...

How I would love to own this fairy dress found in Karla's Closet

Would also love an occasion to try out some of these Hot 1940's Hairstyles

 These last two were found in the wonderful black hole of Tumblr. So some more research needs to be done in order to find out where on Earth I could possibly buy them. Oh I am such a hopeless Harry Potter fan.

Here's one more image to brighten up your Monday:

Found on We heart it

All the best on "Your" Mon-day
Katsicles :)


amberlee said...

Cute pics lovely xx

Jennifer Lee. said...

I love this little note at the end! Mon-Day - I will definitely think differently at the start of the week now. And of course you can adopt the 30 Day challenge, I'm pleased to know that someone else likes following these little things.

Hopefully my Diana does get easier to manage! Pop back to my Blog in a few days, I'm so close to finishing another film, so the photographs should be on there soon :)


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