Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Winter Wanderings

I'm reeeadyyy!!!

Loving trees and the silhouettes of bare branches against a winter sky at the moment.
And of coarse, who could ever get enough of the ever cute Mr Oskie? Especially in his winter wonderland get up :)


amberlee said...

Oh dear, what is Oscar wearing??? lol. Loving your winter shots dearest. The roof top, clouds and rays of sunshine is my fav!

katsicles said...

Hahaha its his faux fur lined vest. He looks like a shorn sheep since his last groom poor bubby.
Yes, I know that I'm a retardedly over protective mum lol.
Thanks for the compliments, I could take shots of sky and sunshine forever. Mother nature provides the most beautiful artwork anyone could ever hope to create :)

Aloysius said...

Your dog is a cutie! that jumper is adorable too.


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