Friday, 22 July 2011

New Background

So..... it's sad to admit but it's Friday night and I've been watching 17 Again (you know that Disney movie staring Zac Efron? No?.... ok I admit it then, I'm sad), playing with my blog settings, and scouring the internet for entertainment. Yea it's rockin at my place.

Damn you Dry July!!!
What the hell do non drinkers do on their weekends anyway?
I need to develop some hobbies STAT!

Anyway this was meant to be an uber quick post to say:
Welcome to my new layout and What do you think?
Do you Love it?
Do you Like it?
Or does it make you wanna Meh?
Maybe even Blegh...
All suggestions are welcome. You can be honest - I can take it.
I'm not entirely sold personally - its especially tricky to figure out what colour to assign my text so that it's at least readable. Agh... I'll probably change it a million times before I go back to my original settings anyway.

Oooh, look at that, Juno just came on so I think I'll be off now.

Night all


Odie Langley said...

To be perfectly honest sweet thang it is kind of hard to read what you wrote as I scroll up. But that is just me.
Have a great weekend.

katsicles said...

Yes i thought so too.
Don't worry. It's changing as we speak :)


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