Monday, 4 July 2011

Sinking Feeling

Question: How much info is too much info?
I thought that blogs were meant to be "part narcissistic self examination, part therapy and part mindless ramblings". 
To quote Kitty Kat Conundrums.
But maybe that's just me... and kitty of coarse.

Anyway I think it would be wise to be a little more selective in what I set forth into the wide world of the web.
All kinds of impressions can be made of me I suppose through something so innocent as a little rant or two and some honest truths.

I have been trying to work out for a while what kind of a blog this one will be and at least now I have seen the dangers of treating it like an on-line diary. You never know who's reading it after all...

Then again what a boring little blog this would be if I never spoke my mind.
Hmm - dilemas and sinking feelings attached to my posts already. What is a girl to do?...

Answer: Keep it to yourself. Sunshine and lollipops from now do you reckon?


amberlee said...

I get the sinking feeling all the time! F*{€ the haters is my motto hehe. I love reading your posts, I think person blogs are the best ones.

katsicles said...

Thanks my love. But check out the link to the above pic. There's a video on the page "I never think before i post" that had me laughing and cringing at the same time. - There goes my what colour undies am i wearing today? theme (insert sarcasm here) lolll


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