Friday, 5 August 2011

Baby Mama

Today has been one of those days where I'm surrounded by so many beautiful mums and their equally gorgeous (not forgetting cheeky) babies.

Clucky's not even the word for me right now.

Talking to my clients and hearing their stories of love and trials makes me realise how lucky I actually am to be going through my struggle.

That's not to say every mother doesn't know how fortunate they are to have their children or that anyone could possibly gage one mothers love against another's. (A mothers heart is boundless in her capacity to love, I know this to be true.)
But... having experienced so many near catastrophes before my wedding day in particular, I also know that difficulties and struggles can make our triumphs all the more sweet. (That's a story begging to be told but I won't digress just yet.)
As I sat and listened to my client share her story of labour and the changes to her life after it, her eyes lighting up as she expressed the gratitude she felt for having a healthy baby (her first born was 9 weeks premature), I could see the joy radiating from every atom of her being as she spoke of her new daughter and while she proudly showed me the pictures of her sweet angel, holding them up like a trophy of her efforts - my heart could have burst with joy at the anticipation of one day enjoying those same feelings and experiencing that change wash over me.

Mind you I'm writing about this after one child proceeded to demolish my waxing trolly, throwing every item off it around the room as well as another insisting to scream and shout throughout his mums half hour service.
These brave ladies couldn't lie down for one second without their children crying for them or crawling around their chests & bellies while I attempted to torture them further by strategically ripping and plucking hairs from their bodies.
My hat goes off to you Mums in the world - Truly! I am in awe.

But even after witnessing all that... even after having to run my appointments behind because of an emergency nappy change and another's inability to be here on time due to her sons temper tantrum, even with this whopping headache throbbing at my temples after just 3 hours in their lives and while I relish the blissful silence emanating around me in these precious few moments where I can blog to you... I still can't wait to join motherhood.

I don't know if it's just hormones talking or my ticking biological clock but surely if I'm not put off after seeing all that or growing up with no less than 6 nephews and 2 nieces I'm either as ready as I'll ever be to take this next step or stark raving mad.
I don't know but for now I think I'll go pop a panadol and enjoy this taste of freedom and delicious anticipation for the future a little while longer.

Love to all you mums out there
(and those of you who aren't of coarse, hehe)

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amberlee said...

i get the clucky thing too, then quickly realise i am soooooo not ready!

Mums are the best xx

katsicles said...

I don't think anyone can ever be REALLY ready.
I'm told nothing can prepare you for how it actually is in real life 24hrs a day, 365 days a year for the rest of your long life. (God willing)
It is a very big decision though and obviously I'm not quite ready either (well my body isn't at least). I'm sure when the timings right it will happen and then I'll have to be ready :)

Becky~ said...

Well I have had 2 daughters.Its been an experience and a lovely one at that.But heres my dilema now(and yes it continues after birth LOL.neither of my girls want children.We are talking of girls in their late twenties the youngest and middle thirties the oldest.UGH! Im sad about that.Should I be maybe not,but they are realy sure they dont want kids.

Well when someone, who is me gets a bit older,I would love to have at least one grandchild so Im putting lots of hopes on my youngest for that great time.Keeping fingers crossed.LOL being that I had 2 daughters would love a grandson.But I would take a granddaughter hah.

Have a lovely day!If this doesnt make sense Im writing in the early hour of Morning,lol.

Odie Langley said...

I am glad you thinking about all this with such a positive outlook. I am sure your first child will be so lucky to have you as a mom. Have a great rest of the week Kat.

Marina said...

I am saving that advices on my computer! :) I love your blog a lot, I like the way you write!

katsicles said...

Thanks guys that's very sweet.
For now I'll make do with lavishing all my maternal love on Oscar. The lucky rascal ;)


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