Friday, 19 August 2011

Devastation & Salvation: Part II

Feeling sick and ready to puke mostly due to my blind panic but partially due to the fact I hadn't eaten all day thanks to retracing my many steps across Melbourne town hoping someone would have handed my precious phone in which took me all bloody day since I didn't realise it was missing until 2 this afternoon.

Right after I published that last post I heard my knight in shining armour pull up in the drive.
Greeting hubby at the door, forlorn and inconsolable he informed me he'd already sent a message to my phone promising a reward to anyone who handed it in.

Reasonably he suggested calling it to see if I'd simply dropped it in the car.
"Don't you think I'd think of that?" I chastised biterly.
More than one concerned retailer offered to follow me to my car to test that very theory and I had all 7 places I visited call it incase it was maybe hiding somewhere in their store, to no avail.

"When do you remember using it last?" he asked me.
Well I could recall messaging a client back before carrying it to the lounge room where I was sure I had put it in my bag before gathering my jacket and list of chores and going on my absent minded way.

Smugly he asked "Are you sure you put it in your bag? You didn't put it down anywhere?"
"No" I shot back at him.
"I remember slipping it into the back pocket of my bag like I always do then leaving for the bank. I had so much on my mind so I thought maybe I'd left it here too, but I've checked all the places I would put it down in the house and it isn't anywhere!" Exasperated I flopped onto the couch where a little flash blinked urgently willing me to take notice from the corner of my eye.

"Maybe you should stop putting your phone on silent" is all he said knowingly while gesturing to the fold of my seat...

He really is my hero and I, his bumbling fool xx


Lyn said...

I'm so glad you found your phone. There's nothing worse than that sick feeling of realizing you've lost something - your phone, your purse etc.

katsicles said...

Oh there are no words to express how relieved I was to have found it (not to mention embarrassed). It's one of the worst feelings in the world to have lost something important.


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