Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Green Thumbs

Hubbie's, not mine. Plants and I aren't on the best of terms. It's safer for the plant if I simply observe... from a distance.

It's been particularly sun shiny the past few days, pulling me out of my winter slump. Finally!
Even though this weather may not last long it's been nice to feel that old familiar cheeriness and enthusiasm return.
I always feel like my true self under a blue sky and a bright sun.

Speaking of shining light on a dark mood - tomorrow I see my specialists to get some answers to some questions regarding my health & hopes for the future.
Here's hoping they can shine some brightness and love my way.
Crossing my fingers & toes for some good news tomorrow.


amberlee said...

Good luck lovely. I love roses, pretty sunny pics xx

Jennifer Lee. said...

love that pink! and love Kung Foo Panda.. thanks for that comment :D

Leese said...

Lovely pics! I'm loving this sunshine too. Makes everything seem that bit better!


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