Thursday, 18 August 2011

Day 18: Directions

Plans, Dreams & Goals I have....

First one's obvious, Baby
Second one too, Baby
and lastly...

Haha - Seriously I'm not that obsessed, really... well maybe...
but I have faith...

  • To cut this mane or at least get it treated so it no longer looks like a birds nest
  • To look into ways to get better at this photography hobby.
  • To book this bloody Honeymoon before it's more like a 50th anniversary trip. It already feels less like a Honeymoon and more like a holiday.... sads :(
  • To fill out our passports (won't be going far without them!)
  • To get serious about buying a home. The longer we wait the more expensive the market gets and the longer we'll have to work to pay off that mortgage.
  • To get pregnant (obviously) in which case we may end up renting for the rest of our lives...

Dreams Of:
     ♥ Sapphire waters and cream puff clouds dotting an azure sky.
     ♥ Sand between my toes.
     ♥ Moving somewhere lush and green or wide and airy by the sea.
     ♥ A long and open highway, remote with no body else on it.
     ♥ Music blasting from my stereo and a picturesque country side
        blurring past my window.
     ♥ Going on a road trip.
     ♥ Building a proper little salon connected to the property
        but separate from my house.
        (Right now my salon is a renovated spare room in the house I
        live in so I would love to have the two divided.)
     ♥ A quaint little home to call my own.
     ♥ A cute little cherub to share it with and call my own.

   ★ Celebrate this blogs 1 year anniversary
   ★ Start my own business
   ★ Find a loving man to share my life with
   ★ Get married
   ★ Have a baby
   ★ Move to a bigger house
   ★ Own my own home
   ★ Get into teaching... Possibly training budding beauticians the
        tricks of the trade.
   ★ Take an arts course, painting or photography etc...
   ★ Celebrate my 10 year wedding anniversary
       (which will coincidentally be the same year as our 20yr
       "day we met" anniversary!)

See? Simple dreams... I don't ask for much  :)

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Louise said...

wow awesome blog, love it! you have a new follower :)

and thanks for the comment on mine! x

Lyn said...

Good luck on crossing off all the other entries on your list. You've got the right attitude, so there's just no stopping you now.


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