Monday, 1 August 2011

Will You Still Love Me: 01

Me (on the right) & my sweetheart sister, taken back when I could drink.
Although officially today I'm allowed - but I can wait.

(Debatably) Interesting Kat Facts:
  1. I am 14yrs younger than my sister shown here, 17 yrs younger than my other sis and a whopping 21yrs younger than my brother! Did someone say oops a daisy?
  2. I could read and write before starting school at the age of 5 and...
  3. Had read the entire Encyclopaedia before the age of 6. (Yes I was the only first grade kid to know the exact location of her kidneys and that skin had weird holes in it that it breathed through called pores. Nerdy much? See I was destined to work with skin and beauty.)
  4. I once lied about being allowed to stay at a friends house after school, sparking a police led man hunt and scoldings unimaginable from my parents and every adult figure in my life that lasted for months. I was 8 at the time.
  5. I can curl my tongue both into a roll as well as twist it side to side. I don't know the exact stats here but I'm pretty sure most people can only do one or the other and not many can prove to do both.
  6. The ocean is my most favourite place in the whole wide world even though I never learnt how to swim. (Doggy paddle and quasi back stroke aside.)
  7. I completed my final years of Drama, English & English lit during my year 10 semesters.
  8. At 15 I moved out of home for 3 months during a stupid and highly regrettable rebellious adolescent period all because I fell in love with a douche bag and thought I had found my soul mate. (I blame Disney for my romantic delusions). By 16 I found out, while living with him, that he'd been cheating on me throughout our entire relationship (all of 10months) with numerous girls. Needless to say I went home with my tail between my legs. Oh you can imagine the drama of it all.
  9. Thankfully I found a balance between both the nerdy and rebellious sides of my personality by 18 to become somewhat of a well rounded individual. (Though some would say this last part is also debatable :)
  10. I've partaken in a charity event every year since I was 13.
  11. I met my now husband at 17 and have been by his side ever since.
  12. We've been together 11yrs this September.
  13. I started my own business 3 years ago and am in the top 10 list of Eyebrow Specialists found in Melbourne. (According to Vogue's Bridal Forum anyway.)
  14. I've been finding writing this list extremely more difficult than I first imagined.
  15. I have a beauty spot/birth mark in the shape of a small redish heart at the nape of my scalp.
Wow, that was hard, I feel more than a little vulnerable after all that. I hope I don't sound like the kind of person you'd hate to know. I could've told you all about how I love puppies and peanut butter but I don't think that classifies as really reeeeeally interesting.

So now the only question is: Will you still love me tomorrow?...


Odie Langley said...

Hi Kat,
Let me affirm to you that I was very, very impressed with your list and accomplishments so far. Thanks for opening up and sharing them with us.

amberlee said...

You make me laugh sweet, what a wonderful list. I well enjoyed reading these facts. And yep still love you xx

katsicles said...


Jennifer Lee. said...

glad you decided to do this! I found the list difficult, too. (To tell the truth, some of the other questions are JUST as hard..)

also, thanks very much for your lovely comment, I'm really chuffed with my photos! and I really appreciate you passing on my link, any new followers are very much appreciated!



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