Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Day 09: Pride

Something I'm proud of from the last few days is my sporty victory on the weekend.

Courtesy of Etsy.com
Hubby and I went bowling for the first time in years and even though he used to play for a bowling league I beat him two games in a row. Go me!

I'll be fair and add that we only played two games so things probably would've changed as my arm got tireder and as for his big sports league participation... well that was back when he was only 10. Haha.

I might also add this was only my 3rd time bowling in my whole life (my first time was only a few years ago. I've been a bit deprived) but I did have my bumpers up (yes I am a big child) and I got some tips and assistance from Sir Gracious himself. At least he wasn't a sore loser :)

Hope your weekend was just as fun.


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