Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Day 31: The End is Nigh

So here we are. It's the last day of the month, tomorrow has come and this project is over.

I thought since there are 31 days in this month today's worked out nicely as a recap post.
Was it a success or a waste of time?
I hope overall you enjoyed reading some of my personal truths.

I've gained a few more readers since I first started it (a great big howdy welcome and thank you for joining!) so my fear of being so bland I would bore the life out of you hasn't been realised thankfully.
And I've learnt a few lovely things about those who are reading as well - thank you for sharing back with me xx

But now comes the scary bit again - what will I write about and share with you all next month...
and of coarse now that it's all over and you know so much about me I hope you can stick around to see what else in store for my random little life.

So lastly in honour of this Me Project and with the constant inspiration of Miss Amberlee I'll end this project by joining in on some i thoughts:

i love... having the middle of the week off so I can sit in my pyjamas posting to you.

i admire... people who get up at the crack of dawn to drag themselves to work every day.

i dislike... that a few of my friends have experienced misfortune over the past few weeks.

i want to achieve... cleanliness of this bombshell I call a house.

i am reading... nothing at the moment as I just finished Eleven Minutes by Paulo Coelho the other day.

i am craving... everything digestible - massive hunger issues these past few days (gee these hormones are annoying)

i want to change... my fitness routine which at the moment consists of sitting on my bum.

i want for tomorrow... sunshiny days.

i want forever... the company of great friends.

i am happy... I got to spend some much needed time with a few of them last night.

i am grateful... that people have stuck around on this blog for as long as they have.



georgi said...

good for you for seeing it through - i tried a 30 day challenge but got only to day 20 then other things took over. it really is quite a commitment. :-) x

amberlee said...

Yay! Thanks for sharing the 'i thoughts' love.

You are too kind my dear, hope you enjoying your day off xx


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