Friday, 12 August 2011

Day 12: Blogger

J & Ambs
I would never have found out about Blogger or any of the blog world had it not been for the amazingly talented and always inspirational Miss Amberlee.
(For more references of my sickening admiration click: here and here)
In fact click here and you'll read both about her influence as well as my reasons for starting a blog.

It's only because of her encouragement that I've dared be brave enough to attempt to use a camera let alone start a blog and post any of my crappy shots. Sometimes I fluke it.... and sometimes I don't.

So while the online journal is a trap I'd hoped I wouldn't fall into, (Thank you, by the way, for reading about and taking the time to comment on my boring life) I do think it's inspired me to be more creative in the way I view the world (every situation is a potential blog post) so in a lot of ways it's helped me achieve exactly what I hoped it would  :)

Anyway that's my gushy post for the day - I think its clear Amber reigns in my top 10 fave people list for many more reasons than I care to admit without sounding like I have a lady crush. (Almost made it as my Day 07 subject but it only asked for one. I'm very lucky indeed to have so many inspirational people in my life. Having the trouble of narrowing that list down is a good problem to have.)

to all the bloggers out there
-  Kat


amberlee said...

awwwww! you really are the sweetest lovely. So happy that you love blog world as much as i do. Looking forward to reading about your adventures and wonderful life (very far from boring!!).

You are very high on my top 10 fav list... Lady crush... blush xxxxxx

Odie Langley said...

For me I was watching QVC one weekend and Ree Drummond the Pioneer Woman was on selling a cookbook and talked about blogging so I checked her out and started one myself. Had my one year blogaversary in May. It has helped me a lot for sure.


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