Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Day 17: Trading Places

First, I'm gonna get all philosophical and boring for a minute.

I've never really given this question too much thought except for the odd absent minded "gee must be nice to be them " here and then.
Truthfully, I don't think I'd ever really want to trade places with anyone else as we all have light and dark shadows to our lives - No one's life is ever as perfect as we perceive it to be from the outside looking in.
Secondly I'd definitely never want to be a celebrity.
All that responsibility and pressure plus the constant attention to everything you do only to get trashed by the media - No thanks.

But for conversations sake - if it were only for a day, I might like to be a surfing legend.
Being Kelly Slater might be nice as I have a real affinity for the ocean but can hardly swim let alone surf.
A very old picture, but I think I prefer him with hair
If I could teleport into his body but keep all of his knowledge as well as my own that would be awesome.
I'd love to feel the adrenalin rush of surfing a mega wave.

That's if I could pry myself away from the mirror long enough to test those skills out. I'd be liable to to just stare at my hot bod all day (amongst doing other things to it).
Wouldn't you? C'mon don't lie...

Hmm.... maybe being his current girlfriend might be better suited to me then ;)
Although I'm a bit concerned by that freakishly long big toe.
Do you think it falls in the same category as the large hands & large feet theory?
Just joking, it's actually weirding me out a little.

<images all curtosy of Google>


Lyn said...

Just tell him to keep his socks on and you won't see the toe. LOL

amberlee said...

Hehe. I think I would love to be him for a day too. So handsome!


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