Monday, 15 August 2011


This one is nicer enlarged.

More playing with picnik

Original shot
Much Love Monday
Reflections of Love - Ginger Wemett
  • I love the effect the glass has on these reflections (and I quite like the glass itself too.)
  • I love this blog by Ashley Jean. In particular the soft, pastel, over-exposed look to her photos(Does anyone know how to achieve this look? I've asked numerous bloggers that use this process but no one seems to want to share their knowledge. Is it some kind of BIG secret in the photo world? Wish I knew...)
  • I love honey and lemon tea especially with fresh ginger (fighting this cold for the past week is turning into a losing battle but a delicious one at least.)
  • I love that I got to have a little sleep in today (my weary body needs all the rest it can get at the moment.)
  • I love leisurely Monday mornings that postpone the usual hustle of the day.
Wanna see what everyone else is loving today?
Check out Anna's page and share in the joy ♥


Becky~ said...

I love honey and lemon tea as well.I never heard of adding ginger sounds good.Im liking the first photo up there nice.Yes today is a day of leisure,oh thank goodness ha.

Have a nice day.Just curious, did you ever get katie for a nicname?My daughter is katie but thats it,its her birth name.

katsicles said...

OOoh you should try it, it's very yummy but I'm a ginger freak and use copious amounts of it at every opportunity possible (I even like it raw, strange...)

No, I can't say I've ever had that nickname but somehow it seems to be the only one I haven't been given - on the 19th you'll know what I mean haha.


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