Friday, 19 August 2011

Devastation & Salvation: Part I

So I've lost my mobile phone and after trawling across the Earth in hopes of finding it I've come to the conclusion all is lost.

As much as I whinged about my Blackerry it was my life line to the outside world!
Bit dramatic?
Well let me tell you why.

I hardly care about the phone, it's the client contacts, the photos, the e-mails and all that stored information some dirty little thief is molesting with their dishonest little fingers.

Stupidly, even though I run my whole business through it and therefor should have known better, it isn't insured.
Moral of this story drop what you're doing, get on to your network company and get yourself some coverage.
Oh, what's that? You're not one of the minority of idiotic people with expensive shit left uninsured?
Lucky you.
Un lucky for me I am that minority.

You'd think I'd learn when earlier this year my 2 year old car was side swiped and completely written off without insurance. I narrowly missed certain bankruptcy since the other driver was at fault not me.
Needless to say, YES, I got insurance on my current car.

But the phone... ah that bloody phone. No insurance, no back ups.
All. Is. Lost.

To say I'm devastated is putting it lightly.
All I can bear to do until hubby gets home is to sit here and document this on my blog as there's no one else I can cry to.
Well I can't even cry properly since I have a client coming in about an hour and I'd rather appear mature and cool and nonplused instead of puffy eyed, snot nosed and delirious.

There's still a little flicker of hope in my heart that someone will hand it in somewhere and I'll be contacted somehow saving me from my own stupidity.

Just as soon as hubby gets home I'm going to use my last ditch attempt at reconnection.
The desperate message to your own phone:

Please if you have my blackberry just know that it's not only for personal use but is my source of income as I run my home salon with it and was stupid enough to not back it's information up.
Please hand it in or at least just the sim card to your nearest police station with whatever details you can obtain - I don't even care about the phone you can keep it as a reward of your kindness. It's the contacts that I need the most as they are linked to my business.
Please find it in your heart to return my livelihood to me.
- Kat

What do you think?
Desperate enough?
I can only pray it works.

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