Sunday, 7 August 2011

Day 07: Big Impacts

A picture of someone who's had the greatest impact on me.
I'm blessed to have so many in my life but today I'll share my top two:

My sisters have always been my biggest inspirations. Being so much older than me they've mentored and guided me my whole life.

I don't think I'd be who I am today without them.

Namely our eldest sister:
 Although she hates her gummy smile, I absolutely love how happy she looks in this photo.
Isn't she gorgeous :)
An has been the family rock for as long as I remember, a mother hen and just the sweetest individual you'll ever have the pleasure to meet. (Followed very, very closely by my other sister Julia)
Her influence has shaped so much of my personality and character.
She taught me to read and write, shaped my thirst for knowledge (it was her fault I got picked on for reading encyclopaedias recreationally) and always encouraged me to dream big and believe that there was more to life than meets the eye, that dreams were reality preconceived and I could do anything I put my mind to.
In a lot of ways I was surrounded by mentors growing up but Anna stands out in my mind in particular.
With a mother so many generations removed from me Anna was like a surrogate Mum while Ma worked full time to help my Dad support 3 other children and nurse her elderly father in law.

From left to right: My paternal grandfather, Dad, Mum,
a baby Julia, little Anna & the eldest, our brother Vas.
Circa 1970
Then one day she met the love of her life and left for the adventure of a lifetime - getting married, having babies and starting a family of her own in Asia with her dashing pilot husband.
For a while there I felt so lost and alone without her.
Lucky for me I have two gorgeous angels in my life and so the lovely Julia stepped in and a new bond was born. We wouldn't be as close as we now are had she not left that gap to be filled.

These two wonderful women have seen a lot in their lives and supported me through thick and thin.
I am a better person and a lucky woman for having them in my life.

I hope this Sunday, wherever you are, you're enjoying the love of someone from your family as much as I do my own.


amberlee said...

Lovely words, spoken from the heart.

I always wanted a sister, thank goodness i have so many wonderful girlfriends.

I am liking this little project of yours, you have a gift with the written (or should i say typed..) word. Actually just words in general! xxx

katsicles said...

All thanks to wonderful teachers.
They're contribution to young lives is immeasurable. Good for you for choosing that path - You'll make a terrific teacher!

I was so close to putting you up there too my sweet.
You're yet another inspiration to me. So glad to have a friend in you xx
I think we appreciate what we don't have so much more when we finally get it. In that way girlfriends are just like sisters that you chose to have :)

Odie Langley said...

That was really great Kat. Seeing pictures of my blog friends family is always a treat. My 3 girls are really spread out so I don'see them too often. I have my youngest sister that I see every week for breakfast and that is a special time for me. Have a great rest of the weekend.


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