Saturday, 13 August 2011

Day 13: Un-Love Letter

Letter to someone who has hurt you recently:
Ironically enough I had written a very long letter twice to this frienemy during the course of my wedding planning but never sent it to her while the commotion was happening.
Maybe things would be different if I had... maybe not. But I just couldn't face another challenge along with everything else that was going wrong leading up to my nuptials. (cake problems, invitation disasters, getting locked in a sauna and being involved in a near fatal car accident the night before the wedding are just some of the things that had happened.)
I was hoping to meet with her after the commotion of wedding emotions had died down so we could talk our troubles through but unfortunately the cooling off period turned into 3 months of silence and when she finally got back in touch it was for a reason that left a lot to be desired, causing  things to escalate a few weeks ago...
(refer to: Signs from Above and Grateful) our "talk" didn't quite go the way I had hoped.

I was about to post the letter here, as it explains so well what happened between us, but I feel all in all that it's too personal and should only be seen by her when the time ever comes... if the time ever comes.
The pain is still a little fresh in my heart so I'm sorry that I can't go into too much detail.
This short letter will have to suffice for now.

Dear Maid of Dishonour,
I had my heart crushed by my very best friend. 
I watched as 17 years crumbled under the weight of change.
I cried bitter tears as the girl I considered a sister turned her back on me and stung me with goodbyes.
As the poison of unspoken errs waged war between us our distance grew too far to ever be bridged by humble apologies.
What's been seen can never be unseen.
What's been done can never be undone.
I miss the bliss of ignorance yet I feel freed by the unveiling of truth.
What's done is done.
K. x


amberlee said...

What to say... Your letter made me well up... Hurt, loss and truth are unfair realities in this world we live in. I wish we could have it all the way our daydreams look. Love love x

katsicles said...

Unfortunately when it comes to relationships they can never stay the same can they?
We either grow together or grow apart.
Luckily when one door closes another opens and so I try not to stare too long at what could have been.
Feeling your hugs from here xx

Becky~ said...

How sad, I want to say how unecessary as well but I dont know the details.I think we all look back and wonder why things happen the way they do.I guess it is in growing that someday we learn to move on with a bit of saddness but also nice good memories.I agree with the one door closing another one true that is.

Odie Langley said...

I have experienced a lot of the same in my life. Yes relationships do change and some just disappear. I agree totally with your post today. Have a great rest of the weekend.


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