Thursday, 4 August 2011

Follow Up

Seriously guys, I'm in the wrong profession.
Can you believe a follow up consultation is just 15mins and has cost me $85!
That's not including the extra $300 I spent on pills and concoctions.
Not to mention the earlier consult with my private specialist stinging me another $85.
These chicks better deliver the goods or I won't be happy. You hear that womb... get baking!

Mind you I'm a bit peeved at my so called specialist for ignoring the massive ultrasound I brought in (maybe then she would've seen the 16 or so cysts including the massive 3cm one on my right ovary even though her results claimed I was within normal range) and for giving me blood test results that didn't match up at all with the test results faxed to my natropath. So now I have no idea where the truth actually lies when it comes to my hormone readings. I was sitting in that office thinking "Does this woman have someone else's file up on screen or what?" and when I questioned what she was telling me vs what the sonographer told me I was dismissed and I have to admit the whole consult felt a little condescending.

I walked away from there thinking there's something seriously wrong with my thyroid.
How can it have jumped from being under-active to severely overactive in less than a month - even though I've been displaying classic symptoms of an under-active thyroid. No hyper amounts of energy or excessive weight loss here (much to my disgust. That would be great). Instead it's been the complete opposite... there were those two weeks where I was convinced I was pregnant thanks to the sudden weight gain, nausea and inability to keep my eyes open due to an overwhelming desire to just sleep all day
... And then my monthly friend arrived. Fail.

So of coarse after processing this confusing information my mind raced straight to thoughts of thyroid cancer or at best thyroid disfunction and by the time I'd gotten home I was convinced I'd need a removal of the whole thing which spiralled into "I'll never have a baby" fears.
Thank goodness I had an appointment with my natropath straight after.
She let me have a little cry first then promptly set the records straight before shutting down my pity party with some positive influence. Big sigh of relief. I am faith renewed.

But I'm not complaining really. If I start thinking baby making is expensive and too hard, boy am I gonna get a rude shock when baby raising finally comes along.
And besides there's no amount of money or effort that wouldn't be well spent in order to make this dream come true.
I just keep praying this all goes right for us naturally soon so that we don't have to take the whole IVF approach - we just aren't financially or emotionally prepared for that challenge just yet. But that's a ways down the road at this stage.
For now more blood tests, a date with an endocrinologist and more vile tasting homeopathic' s.
It's a long road my friends and there aren't any quick fixes (so I keep telling myself although it refuses to sink in. Stupid brain) so for now my focus will be on working even harder at getting myself healthier than I've ever been. One step at a time.
Hope this month sees some corresponding answers and figures that correlate with one another at least.


This link made me smile :) 


amberlee said...

That quote is great! Hope your oven kicks into gear soon xx

Odie Langley said...

You never know with doctors Kat. One of the guys who work with me had an MRI done on his head and they gave him a CD of it to carry home. He put it into his computer and it had his name written on it but what was on the CD was some other guys MRI of a shoulder.

katsicles said...

Yea it just didn't add up but you never know. Anyway I won't get all worked up just yet - still a few more tests to go.
Moral of the story is: get copies of all your test results and don't be afraid to ask for second opinions. x


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